This Mom Takes Adorably Creative Photos with Her Daughters You Have to See for Yourself

The images will blow you away.

This mother and her two daughters are an adorable team you won’t be able to get enough of. UK-based lifestyle blogger and Instagram star Dominique posts creative and fun photos of herself and her daughters, Amelia and Penny. (Go on these trips that all mothers and daughters should take at least once in their life.)

“I’d left my job back in 2015 to stay at home with the children full-time. It was amazing and it’s a decision I’ve never regretted,” Amelia told Bored Panda. “At times it did become quite lonely. Instagram gave me a mini escape in between changing nappies and doing the school run.” (These are the ultimate mother-daughter bonding activities.)

The photos include the three of them in matching outfits, often with artistic elements such as pumpkins, fun hairstyles, or props. Each photo has the hashtag #allthatisthree a spin off of her blog, All That is She.

“The #allthatisthree photos came about by chance. One morning, I’d unintentionally dressed myself and Penny in matching striped tops, then Amelia emerged from her bedroom wearing one too. We’d laughed about it and when I was struggling for an image idea later that day, we thought we’d share our joke with everyone else.”

Dominique loves being able to capture these fun pictures and look back on her daughters as they grow up.

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