This Guy’s Dad Got Him a Job … Just By Packing Him a Lunch

Three words: Always be prepared.

his-dad-got-him-a-job-by-packing-lunchReminisce Magazine

The summer I turned 16, I told my father I was going to the cherry-canning plant to get a job. Without any hesitation, he said, “You need to pack a lunch.”

I thought, Why do I need a lunch when we live so close to the canning plant? But I said nothing, packed a lunch, and took it with me.

When I arrived at 6 a.m., 15 men were already sitting on a bench waiting to get a job. Then one of the company trucks pulled up, and the person in charge of hiring came out of the front office. He looked at everybody and said, “Who has their lunch?”

I was the last person on that long bench, and I raised my hand.

He said, “You’re hired. Get in this truck, and go with these men.” I realized that my father had prepared me for getting the job without my knowing it. I turned out to be a very good worker, and every summer, as soon as I walked into the employment office, I was hired immediately.

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Originally Published in Reminisce