Amazing Life Stories: Man’s Best Friend Edition

Make a long story short for your chance to be published in Reader’s Digest and win $25,000. Here are a few of our favorite entries.

Golden Retriever© Ryan McVay/Photodisc/ThinkstockMake a long story short for your chance to be published in Reader’s Digest and win $25,000. Here are a few of our favorite entries so far in our “Your Life: The Reader’s Digest Version” contest. After reading these, head over to Facebook and enter your own story about a special moment or lesson that shaped your life.

“My Life in Dog Years”
By Bonnie Chapman

I love my life in dog years! Scuffy, a Benji-like mutt, saw me learn to walk and talk. I consoled him during storms, he consoled me during adolescence. Peppi, a Toto-type dog, saw me off to college, and greeted me on each return home. Ginger, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Dudley, Shepard/Sheltie mix, saw my wedding and first home purchase. Ginger saw me thru several miscarriages, but she passed too soon, which prompted me to welcome Mogli (Dalmatian) and Misty (German Shepard) into our lives. Misty once stayed in my bedroom for over 24 hours when I was ill. Mogli trained our Golden Retriever, Buddy, to stay in the yard. On cold winter nights, Buddy cuddles in bed with my teenage son. Suzie, our two year old Golden Retriever, is a bundle of pure puppy love. I value each dog’s friendship and love.

“Ripley, A Name Well-Earned”
By Terri Rimmer

In August 1997 my Jack Russell Terrier/Yellow Lab/Pug mix showed up in my driveway as if to say, “I’m home.” I already had a dog and cat and really couldn’t afford another pet but my friend talked me into keeping him and I’m so glad I did. Because he was already acting like a guard dog defending the neighborhood, I named him Ripley after the Sigourney Weaver character in Alien and he has lived up to every bit of it. He’s seen me through divorce, adoption, chronic illnesses, financial losses, pregnancy, deaths, severe depression, and numerous other obstacles in my life and is always there to get me off the couch and get me moving even when every bone in my body and my entire spirit screams “No!”

“Listen to the Dog”
By Larissa Allen

A strange daily ritual had begun in my home. My key would hit the door knob and she was there, ready, waiting. Her damp nose would beg to press tight into my side and she would breathe deeply with a low whine in her throat. Then the paws would come up scratching trying to get at something within me. We laughed at first, telling her what a silly dog she was, and then on September 28 2004 we laughed no more. She knew before anyone that cancer lurked within me, she had lost her pup to cancer just months before and she again smelled trouble. We learned to listen to the dog as she saw me through 5 surgeries and 1 year of chemotherapy and then she left me. It took 6 years Mabel girl but we won, thank you for your love, devotion and protection now rest in peace.

“Life is Ruff”
By Laura R Duvall

When I was an infant my father became disabled for good. My mother has always worked all the time to support our family, and I love her for that. Although I began to feel more and more lonely as the years went on. Now being a community college student I have to push myself to get the best grades possible while working part time so I can afford to eventually attend a university. I decided I needed change and now I have my puppy Panda who brings joy to my heart and helps me continue my dream of education, so we can become financially stable and live in our own apartment by a beautiful university. Its amazing how one little pup can turn your life around.

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