Amazon Is Selling This Christmas Staple for the First Time—with Free Shipping

It's time to deck the halls and Amazon is making it so much easier to get into the holiday spirit!

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It may sound like fun to find a tree farm and cut down your very own Christmas tree. It may sound like fun to grab a hot chocolate, head to your local nursery, and walk through rows and rows of trees before finding the very best one.

But then comes the inevitable: Tying it to your car; getting it home; untying the whole thing; lugging it in the house and finding pine needles strewn across your car, yard, and home for months on end. (Besides, does anyone really want to chop down their own tree?)

And forget trying to find the time to get that done between shopping, wrapping, sending Christmas cards, and trying to untangle all of the lights you swore you put away more carefully last year. Speaking of, you’ll want to check out these smart ways to store your Christmas decorations.

Now, Amazon has your answer for a festive holiday season as well as one that is full of convenience. It is selling—for the very first time—real live Hallmark Christmas trees. And not only that, it is selling the trees with free shipping, too. Take that, twine!

Amazon is carrying four different types of trees this year, including two types of Spruce trees, a Fraser Fir tree, and a Balsam Fir tree. They also have great gifts for anyone on your list.

Its Sno-Tip Black Hills Spruce tree stands between six and seven feet tall. The tree is a dark green color with short, stiff blue-green needles and frosted branches for a snowy effect, according to Amazon. It’s freshly cut prior to shipping. Buy it now.

The Black Hills Spruce tree is the same as the Sno-Tip Spruce but does not contain the snowy effect on the branches. It is freshly cut prior to shipping and is professionally shaped with a trimmed base. The tree will stand six to seven feet and was grown by a U.S.-based family farm. Buy it now.

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The Fraser Fir that Amazon is offering has dark green needles with a frosty glow underneath, a pleasing fragrance, upright strong branching, and straight stems, according to the product description. The six- to seven-foot tree comes with a tree preservative to maximize freshness and a biodegradable bag for mess-free removal. Buy it now.

Amazon’s Balsam Fir tree is a dark green color with soft needles, a fresh aroma, and strong branches. It includes a tree stand, and you’ll need to cut one inch off the bottom of the trunk before placing into the stand for maximum freshness. The tree will be between six and seven feet tall. Buy it now.

The trees are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on November 19. Now you know where to find the perfect tree! While you’re on Amazon, check out these great Prime gifts for everyone on your list.

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