Amazon Prime Is Going Up in Price—Here’s How to Delay the Increase

Here's to one more year at your current rate.

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If you love streaming series and films, having access to music and books, and ordering everything from Amazon bestsellers to hidden gems (plus getting them on the same or next day), you likely are an Amazon Prime member. The monthly and yearly Amazon Prime price increased for new customers on February 18, 2022 and will increase for current members on March 25, 2022.

Depending on your membership, prices will go up by $2 a month or less—a small price to pay for the huge convenience of Amazon Prime benefits. But why pay more if you can save the money? There is a hack to have one more year at the current rate. (That’s at least a few more Amazon Prime gifts!)

Amazon Prime price increases explained

Amazon Prime membership is increasing across the board for all membership levels—students, government-assisted, monthly, and annual subscriptions. Student Prime members will have to pay $10 more annually, an increase from $59 to $69. Membership for those on government assistance will rise to $6.99 per month instead of $5.99. Month-to-month subscriptions for all others will increase from $12.99 to $14.99 monthly. And the price for an annual subscription will jump to $139 from $119. That’s only $20 more a year and less than $2 a month for the convenience of having all the benefits of Amazon Prime, including packages delivered to your door in a jiffy.

Why Amazon is increasing its rates

Amazon has expanded its offerings to Prime members over the last several years, including faster shipping and delivery. In a press release, the company explained that Amazon Prime prices were going up to account for “the continued expansion of Prime member benefits as well as the rise in wages and transportation costs.”

The last time Amazon Prime rates increased was in 2018. If you’re not sure your budget can take the hit but you still want to have products you’ll use every day delivered quickly, there is a way to lock in the current price for one more year before it goes up.

Renew your membership before March 25

The Amazon Prime price increase will go into effect on March 25, 2022 for current members, so you’ll want to take a look at when your subscription is up for renewal. If it’s before March 25, you can lock in the current rate by renewing your membership.

“For current Prime members, the new price will apply after March 25, on the date of their next renewal,” says Bradley Mattinger of Amazon consumer public relations. “This means that if a current member’s renewal (monthly or annual) occurs March 24 or earlier, they will be able to renew at the prior price.”

Buy yourself a gift subscription

If your membership is due to renew after the new rate goes into effect, there’s another option to maintain the previous price. Consider purchasing a gift subscription for yourself before March 25. Just remember to cancel your current subscription before your membership renews and then apply your gift subscription to your account for another year of Prime. Amazon lets you set a 3-day reminder on your account to help you remember. This hack allows you to enjoy Amazon Prime membership longer at the current price, so you can enjoy all the benefits without your budget being affected for one more year.

Buy a Gift Subscription


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