Amazon’s Fastest Grocery Delivery Arrived in Just 13 Minutes

Sometimes it takes that long to just find parking at the grocery store!

It already seems like the second you start thinking about what you need to order on Amazon, it’s on your doorstep a few hours later. Well, Amazon beat its record time for delivery again with a grocery delivery last year, delivering a product to a customer in under 15 minutes. If you want groceries that fast but Amazon doesn’t deliver in your area, try these other money-saving ways to order groceries online.

amazon fresh groceryKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In 2019, Amazon offered free grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market to Prime members. Customers in over 2,000 cities and towns could browse the grocery aisles online, add things to their cart, and have them delivered right to their home. And just like with their Prime package delivery, they got people’s grocery orders to them fast. The fastest food delivery of the year was from Whole Foods Market and it was delivered from the store to the customer in just 13 minutes. The fast shipping product? A bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, something that you definitely want at your front door in a little over 10 minutes. If this makes you consider signing up for Amazon Prime, here are some Prime benefits you might not know about.

Before you head over to Amazon and add a bottle to your cart, know that while you can still order wine through Amazon’s grocery delivery, there are some restrictions. Alcohol delivery is only available in select cities and is dependent on local government regulations. Go to and enter your zip code to see which delivery options are available to you. Once you select which store you would like to shop from (Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh) type “wine” into the search bar to see if you can have a nice glass of chardonnay delivered to your door. If you’re not in an area that allows for alcohol delivery, don’t worry, you can still add these 34 things you should always buy on Amazon to your cart.

Morgan Cutolo
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