Anderson Cooper on Music, Books and Other Diversions

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Anderson Cooper PictureCourtesy Warner Bros.Anderson Cooper is the globe-trotting anchor of Anderson Cooper 360°, a reporter for 60 Minutes, and the host of a new daytime talk show.

Here’s what he’s listening to, reading, watching and doing these days.

Listening to
“I drove in today from Long Island, and I was listening to the new Lady Gaga and Eminem’s latest. I did profiles of both of them for 60 Minutes. And Lady Gaga played me a couple of the songs from Born This Way about six months ago. So it’s nice to hear the whole album.”

“I generally try to read two books at once — I like following multiple story lines. Right now I’m reading In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin, by Erik Larson. It’s about Berlin in 1933, in the first years of Hitler’s power, through the eyes of the U.S. ambassador and his daughter. I’m also reading Game of Thrones, though I wish I’d read it before I saw the TV series.”

“I’m eagerly awaiting the next season of Breaking Bad.”

Going to online
“It’s all pretty serious: the Huffington Post, The Daily Caller, a lot. And I end up looking at dumb videos on YouTube just like everybody else.”

“I’m starting a new daytime talk show called Anderson, funnily enough, and I’m really excited about it. It launches September 12.”

If he ruled the world, he would
“I would quickly cede power to someone more competent. If you want something I would actually change, I guess I would ask that there be a bigger gap between new seasons of The Real Housewives. Emotionally, it’s a little much. I need to recuperate.”

Anderson Cooper’s “Reader’s Digest Version” of life and work:
“My mom always said, ‘Follow your bliss,’ which she stole from Joseph Campbell. But I think that’s pretty good advice.”

Want a good giggle? Watch the Anderson Cooper clip everyone’s talking about this week:

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