Are You Guilty of this Email Pet Peeve?

Clicking ‘Reply All’ can lead to lost productivity, crowded in-boxes, and annoyed employees. Here’s advice for when to restrain yourself from clicking that button.

Remember when we gave you’s list of the phrases people despise seeing in email messages? Hopefully you’re reading them less and using less of them yourself. Now, another smart email tip courtesy of, a blog about working remotely:

When you’re just one of several recipients of an email message, restrain yourself from clicking “reply all.”

Why? For starters, it benefits productivity. The author of’s post cites one company that pulled the plug on its reply all bottleneck by disabling the option from their email programs altogether (the company actually hid it so employees would be less inclined to click it). Fewer emails equates to less time reading messages that potentially don’t affect you, leaving you more time to get stuff done.

Visit to see a list of 5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All,”


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