Artist Gives New Life to Old Books

These old books are transformed into something entirely new.

The Great Wall (Courtesy of Guy Laramee)

For the folks out there reading the latest Michael Chabon novel on an electronic device, here’s something to chew on: Books—you know, those paper things with inky words impressed on them—are not a lost art form. Don’t believe it? Just ask Guy Laramee.

While some people might discard their old tomes or employ them as doorstops, Laramee, a Montreal-based artist, gives them a second life as beautifully crafted sculptures. In the case of one work, The Great Wall (above), he even created a background story. It’s premised on the fact that the Chinese have conquered America in the 23rd century. Or something like that. I didn’t quite get it.

What I did get, though, was that the artwork, which includes books turned landscapes, temples, caverns, and more, is spectacular.

Try doing all this with a Kindle.

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Andy Simmons
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