A Good Credit Score Will Get You More Dates Than Being Attractive, According to New Survey

It might be time to include your credit score in your pick-up lines.


Walking into a bar, spotting an old flame from high school, then dropping pick up lines like, “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber,” just isn’t going to cut it anymore. According to Bloomberg, you’d be much better off using your long and healthy credit history to peacock for romantic interests.

In a recent survey of 2,000 online daters from Discover and Match Media Group, having a good credit score is considered sexy, but not just mildly so. A sound credit score was ranked as an important quality to 69 percent of survey participants, above sense of humor (67 percent), attractiveness (51 percent), ambition (50 percent), courage (42 percent) and modesty (39 percent).

To take the numbers one step further, financial responsibility automatically bumped an individual’s perceived attributes. People who were financial responsible were viewed as having a good sense of general responsibility 73 percent of the time, a perception of trustworthiness 40 percent of the time, and a perception of high intelligence 38 percent of the time.

Additionally, respondents found financial responsibility to be more attractive than having a nice car 58 percent of the time, more attractive than a fancy job title 50 percent of the time, and more attractive than being physically fit 40 percent of the time.

So, to start, learn what your credit score meaning and the secret formula behind it.. Next, figure out how to keep your credit score high. And lastly, set your fancy car on fire. And you’re all set! (We’re obviously kidding about the car.)

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