This Hard-Sided Suitcase Collection From Away Will Be Your New Must-Have for Traveling

The Away polycarbonate flex suitcase is the hard-sided suitcase of your travel dreams! It's got all the best features at an affordable price. Pack these bags—you're ready to fly.

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Are you getting ready for your next vacation? Maybe you realized your suitcase or carry-on bag is a few decades old? Whether you’re packing for a two-week international trip or in the market for the best luggage brands to update your luggage set, you’re in luck. Away’s line of hard-sided suitcases is more useful than ever before. This line of Away polycarbonate flex suitcase offers a size for every trip and a gorgeous mashup of utility and style you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without. They’re also more affordable than you might think. Here’s everything you need to know. Read on and get packing! Oh, and while you’re at it, check out our review of the Away Bigger Carry-On, too. Spoiler alert: We love it!

Why we love Away polycarbonate flex suitcases

These flexible Away polycarbonate flex suitcases are a travel lover’s dream thanks to their sturdy, expandable construction, on-trend colors and features that seem far more expensive than they really are. The lineup includes a Standard Carry-On Flex, Bigger Carry-On Flex, Medium Flex and Large Flex—and they’re all easily mixed and matched if you want a full set.

Away has a cult following for a reason. Their suitcases have bells and whistles you usually have to shell out major cash for. The entire lineup of Away polycarbonate flex suitcases boasts 360-degree spinner wheels for effortless transport through the airport and out on the road. All the flex luggage options feature a durable polycarbonate hard shell, zipper expansion of up to an additional 2.25 inches (good news for heavy packers), a TSA-approved combination lock for extra safety and underside grab handles for easy maneuvering to and from overhead storage.

The suitcases have ample space to use your packing cubes and feature interior organization pockets. Plus, here’s a secret—they all come with hidden laundry bags for your soiled clothes and a removable, washable lining to keep the bag clean. That means you’ll be able to keep your suitcase looking new for years to come.

The Away hard-shelled suitcases come in multiple neutral colors such as standard black and navy, and some also offer a soft pink tone as well as a deep teal.

Which Away suitcase should I get?

The Standard Carry On Flex Suitcasevia merchant

The standard Carry-On Flex, one of our favorites, unzips to create an additional 2.25 inches of space for any last-minute items. When not fully expanded, this suitcase is the perfect size to carry on and becomes checked luggage when fully flexed. If you’re heading on a longer trip or have a capsule wardrobe and essentials to tote along on your getaway to one of the best secret resorts, the Large Flex is the one for you.

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The best Away suitcase reviews

“I thought luggage was luggage—fill, zip and go.” writes verified purchaser Jason C. “However, after three weeks of traveling with the Carry-On Flex, I now appreciate how light, durable and easy to roll it is. I also like [that] the inside is mostly unobstructed and is all usable space, and the shell seems durable (some minor scratches but no damage). I took it on five flights, and two miles of walking over cobblestones and it’s as solid as when I started.”

Verified purchaser Erik P. writes, “I tend to travel to multiple climates each trip and desperately needed a new large expandable suitcase to match the rest of my Away luggage. Absolutely love the Large Flex! Fully packed it is 50 lbs. exactly. Easy to throw in a last-minute jacket or gift by unzipping and expanding!”

Where to buy the Away polycarbonate flex suitcase

Polycarbonate Flex Suitcasesvia merchant

Find the Away polycarbonate flex suitcase on the brand’s website. For luggage that will last for years to come, the prices can’t be beat. The Carry-On Flex starts at a reasonable $325 and the Large Flex comes in at $425, making these suitcases an attractive buy for savvy frequent fliers.

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This piece includes additional reporting by Bryce Gruber.

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