Awesome Acts of Charity You Probably Never Heard Of

These charitable acts were weird but true.

When a billionaire like Bill Gates whips out his checkbook to help the less fortunate, it’s not so surprising. But it was cool to find out, at Reddit’s Today I Learned (TIL), that:

• Dana Carvey had heart-bypass that was done incorrectly. He was awarded $7.5 million for medical malpractice which he donated entirely to charity. (, via lgunn1)

If you get the warm-and-fuzzies when reading about the kindness of strangers, TIL has plenty of heartening anecdotes:

• TIL that the United Arab Emirates donated a laptop to every high school student in Joplin, Missouri, after the city was devastated by a tornado.
(, via harsh2k5)

• TIL The current king of Saudi Arabia Donated $300,000 to furnish a new high school in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Small acts of charity also count–this family keeps their community warm. 
(, via wesleyt89)

• TIL that a man who gave away his fortune to charity also donated a kidney to a stranger, noting that the chances of dying as a result of the procedure were about 1 in 4,000 and “to withhold a kidney from someone who would otherwise die means valuing one’s own life at 4,000 times that of a stranger”
(, via ifonlyiknew)

• TIL Immortal Technique donated all the money he made from his last album to build an orphanage in Afghanistan
(, via Bmmaximus)

• TIL An African tribe donated 14 cows to the US after the events of 9/11
(”, via HeManPower)

• TIL Eddie Van Halen donated 75 of his personal guitars to underfunded music education programs in public schools in Los Angeles.
(, via scotties92)

• TIL two Lamborghini Gallardos ($250-300k sports cars) were donated to the Italian police force. They’re used for, among other things, rush organ delivery.
(, via 7UPvote)

• TIL a man named Merrill Worcester has donated 5000 wreaths to place on the graves at Arlington cemetery every year since 1992
(, via ScrufyLooknNerfherdr)

• TIL that in 2004, Goldman Sachs donated 680,000 acres in Tierra Del Fuego to the Wildlife Conservation Society
(”, via RTchoke)

And this one: Not a fully declared act of charity. But how ’bout it?

• TIL if every American donated $5 a month, NASA’s budget would be 90% supplemented.
(, via Lmburda)

If you’re looking to donate to charity, your donations will make the biggest impact at these organizations.

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