Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Back-to-School Pictures of Your Kids

Even the most well-meaning parents could make this dangerous mistake.


At first glance, documenting your child’s first day of school might require nothing more than a homemade chalkboard and some trendy cursive. But even if you think your kid is the cutest thing in the world, you might want to think twice before sharing oodles of those photos all over the Internet.

Experts are now warning parents against posting photos of their kids’ first day of school online. According to CyberSafeIreland CEO Alex Cooney, even the most innocent of pictures could put your little one in danger. (You should never share these things about your children on social media, either.)

“Thinking about what you are sharing in that photograph, you’re often sharing a name but also how old your child is,” Cooney told the Irish Independent.

Plus, not only do those photos unwittingly reveal where your child goes to school, but also where you live—especially if you don’t turn off your geo-location settings. “That’s a lot of information to be putting out in the public domain,” Cooney said. Even locking up your privacy settings on social media doesn’t guarantee the photos won’t be shared online by family or friends.

If you still want to document the big day, snap away! (You can even try out these expert tricks to taking candid photos of your kids.) But Cooney recommends sharing your photos with loved ones via email or a private messaging group, instead of posting them online. So while you may be worried about your child’s classes, friends, or teachers on their first day, you won’t doubt their safety for a minute. Avoid these parenting mistakes that endanger your child, too.

[Source: Derry Now]

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