The Barkly Barks Dog Festival Is the Best Event You’ve Never Heard Of

An entire festival dedicated to furry friends? Sign us up!

Barkly-Barks-Dog-Festival-8849034f-BlairNewspixREXShutterstockBlair/Newspix/REX/ShutterstockFew of us can live without our man’s (or woman’s!) best friend. Their heroism has saved our lives; they even know our darkest secrets. But for all their endless kisses and midnight cuddles, how can we give them the credit (and love) they really deserve? Dog lovers, rejoice! There’s now an entire festival dedicated to celebrating our four-legged friends, and it is amazing.

Every May, pooch owners from around the world converge in Australia for the annual Barkly Barks Dog Festival, where they can mingle with other dog lovers and their canine counterparts. The name originated from Barkly Square in Melbourne, where the festival is held.

Entertainment at the event includes dog-friendly activities like agility training, matchmaking, and even a dog parade (with prizes, to boot!). Throw in some pop-up stalls, live music, and a professional photo shoot for your pup—cleverly named Puparazzi—and you have a recipe for a “dog pride” day to never forget.

Barkly-Barks-Dog-Festival-8849034d-BlairNewspixREXShutterstockBlair/Newspix/REX/ShutterstockAnd even if you don’t have a dog, just make friends with someone who does, or nab a spot feeding the furry masses from one of the many food trucks.

Our favorite snaps from the event? Maggie and Maurice the Pugs looked dapper and ready to burst into song in their matching Mariachi band costumes. And whoever said opposites attract was obviously referring to Duke the Great Dane Mastiff, who is a gentle giant next to Mikey Rourke the Chihuahua.

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