45 Bear Puns That Will Make You Growl with Laughter

Trust us—you'll be beary amused!

Attention! It’s time for you to come out of hibernation, stop milking those cow jokes, and get your claws on these hilarious bear puns instead! Bears are adorable and fluffy, and maybe even a little mischievous, but did you know that they’re funny, too? And there’s more to their repertoire of entertainment than stealing picnic lunches.

Bee puns might sting your audience with laughter, duck jokes might quack them up, sheep puns may make them baaahaha, and fish puns might get ’em hook, line, and sinker, but bear puns will make them growl with laughter, honey! These jokes are even perfect for your little cubs, who are sure to be beary amused. Take a few minutes to paws whatever you’re doing and sniff out some of your favorites from this list. Just like a bear scouring a campsite, you’ll find lots of hidden gems that you’ll want to share with all of your friends!

Teddy bear puns

1. Why did the teddy bear say no to the ice cream?

He was beyond stuffed.

2. What does Winnie the Pooh call his girlfriend?


3. What’s a teddy bear’s favorite type of pie?


4. What’s the best way to say sorry to a teddy bear?

To bear your heart and soul.

5. Which scary movie did the bear refuse to watch?

The Bear Witch Project.

6. What do you get when you cross a teddy bear with a skunk?

Winnie the P.U.!

7. How does a track race for teddy bears start?

With someone saying, “Ready, teddy, go!”

8. What did the teddy bear say to motivate his friend?

“Nothing is impawsible, if you set your mind to it.”

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Bear Puns Panda Photosrd.com, Getty Images

Panda puns

9. What did the panda pack in her suitcase?

The bear necessities.

10. What do you call 2020?

A panda-emic.

11. Why did the panda quit his job?

He was getting bear minimum wage.

12. What do you call a bear that says he never wants to grow up?

Peter Panda.

13. How do panda bears stay cool in the summer?

With lots of bear conditioning.

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14. Why do panda bears like going to flea markets?

They get the best beargains.

15. What does the husband panda bear tell his wife every night?

“I love you beary much!”

16. What types of drawings are panda bears really good at drawing?

Self paw-traits.

17. What did everyone tell the mommy panda about her newborn cub?

Your baby is beary, beary cute.

18. Why do pandas save money printing photos?

Most of their pics are black and white.

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Bear Puns Unbearable Koalard.com, Getty Images

Koala puns

19. What’s the secret to a long, happy marriage, according to koalas?

You have to love spending koalaty time together with your spouse.

20. Why did the koala bear want his own place?

He couldn’t bear living so close to his family.

21. Why didn’t the bear get the job at the hair salon?

She didn’t have the right koalafications.

22. How did the koala bears travel to Hawaii?

In a bear-o-plane.

23.What’s a bear’s go-to drink?


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24. How do koala bears stop a TV show?

They hit the paws button.

25. What did one koala say to the other?

“Stop it! You’re being unbearable.”

26. Which poet do koala bears love?


27. Why did the koala cub forget his lunchbox at home?

He was bearly awake this morning and wasn’t thinking straight.

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Bear Puns Polar Bear Cheap Petrd.com, Getty Images

Polar bear puns

28. What type of cereal does the polar bear always have for breakfast?

Ice Krispies.

29. Why is a polar bear a cheap pet to have?

It lives on ice.

30. What’s a polar bear’s favorite food at Taco Bell?


31. What do you call a polar bear that has his degree in dentistry?

A molar bear.

32. What’s a freezing polar bear referred to as?

A polar brrrrr.

33. What did the polar bear say when she slipped and fell on the ice?

“How embearassing!”

34. Where did the polar bears go on their date?

The snow ball!

35. Where do polar bears go to vote?

The North Poll.

36. What do you call a toothless polar bear cub?

A gummy bear.

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Grizzly bear puns

37. What’s a grizzly bear’s favorite law to follow?

The right to bear arms…and teeth…and claws!

38. What did the mama grizzly bear tell her kids when they got to the beach?

“You have to walk bearfoot.”

39. When a grizzly bear got dirt on her fur, what did her best friend say to make her feel better?

“Don’t worry! I bearly even see it.”

40. Why did the boy grizzly bear have a crush on the girl grizzly bear?

He thought she was beary pretty!

41. What did the grizzly bear say when someone complimented him on his hibernation spot?

“Thanks! I built this house with my bear hands.”

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42. How can you tell when a grizzly bear is new in town?

He asks for directions so he can get his bearings.

43. What’s one thing a grizzy bear can break just by growling?

The sound bearier.

44. What’s a wet bear called?

A drizzly bear.

45. What did the boy grizzly bear say to the girl grizzly bear on their wedding day?

I can’t wait to growl old with you.

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