Behold, the Hamburger Cupcake!

Yes, that is a cupcake, and it’s served with a side order of fiction at a really fun blog called

Yes, that is a cupcake, and it’s served with a side order of fiction at a really fun blog called Some Kitchen Stories.  Created by photographer-writer team Nicole Ziegler and Judi Cotrone, the blog combines food photos with super-short literary confections (“She spotted it from across the table. It sat, like all the other holiday offerings, on a plastic tray. It was almost fantastically bright there, sitting among a cluster of pale hamburger buns and right beside the pale yellow of Sally’s famous potato salad….”).

But not to leave you in too much suspense, the burger cupcake recipe, sourced to is included.  It looks so easy that even I could pull it off,  though I’ll need to come up with my own fiction to justify it as an entree.

Hamburger Cupcakes

Source: | Makes 12-24 cupcakes | Print Recipe


1 Box of Vanilla Cake Mix
1 Box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix
2 Cans of Vanilla Frosting
Liquid food coloring
Sesame seeds
Shredded Coconut
Cocktail toothpicks
6 Large eggs
Vegetable oil


Note: If you’re in a hurry, you can purchase the red and yellow pre-colored icing in a tube. The red icing uses a lot of food coloring so consider using a gel instead.

Note: Beware of heavily colored icing, it can stain!

1. Bake vanilla cupcakes according to directions on box. DO NOT use cupcake liners, but grease and flour the pan so they easily pop out.

2. Bake chocolate cupcakes according to directions on box (either use 2 cupcake trays or thoroughly clean between vanilla & chocolate batches). Again, DO NOT use cupcake liners.

3. When vanilla cupcakes are cool, cut them in half horizontal-wise with a serrated knife to create the “bun.”

4. When chocolate cupcakes are cool, cut them in half horizontal-wise and save the cupcake top as the “meat.” You can discard the bottoms. (Or eat them, hello.)

5. Use ample amounts of food coloring to mix a batch of red icing (“ketchup”) and another batch of yellow icing (“mustard”).

6. Pour some of the coconut in a bowl and pour a few drops of green food coloring in it. Stir with a fork until the coconut is light green in color like “lettuce”.

7. Lightly dampen burger “lids” with water and sprinkle with sesame seeds so they stick a little.

8. To create the burger layers…put red icing on the bottom bun, then add the “meat,” then add the yellow icing, then sprinkle the lettuce on top, then add the lid.

9. Finish by using a cocktail toothpick to keep it all together!

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