These Are the 10 Best Airlines in the World

When it comes to air travel, these carriers exceed expectations in very specific categories.


When it comes to flying, a good airline can mean the difference between landing frazzled and cranky, and a seamless experience that gets you to your destination feeling revved up. So which one is the cream of the crop? recently announced its Airline Excellence Awards for 2019, judging airlines based on factors like passenger reviews, product offerings, and innovation.

This year, Singapore Airlines was crowned the best, thanks to some new innovations, according to the judges. “For years Singapore Airlines has been the gold standard, and now it is back to its best leading in passenger innovations and new state-of-the-art aircraft models,” editor-in-chief Geoffrey Thomas said in a press release. On the flip side, this is the airline with the worst reputation in the business.

Singapore Airlines has been introducing new aircraft, not to mention some pretty swanky perks for passengers. Case in point: Its new Suites option lets passengers ride in style with their own hotel-like space decked out with a recliner, bed, and 32-inch TV. Plus, its flight attendants are known as some of the best in the biz.

Coming in behind Singapore Airlines were Air New Zealand for its booming (and expanding) business, followed by Qatar Airways for its exceptional food and business class, and its top marks for customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, no American airlines managed to make the top ten. The only award to go to a U.S. company was Delta for the best long-haul in the Americas. Of course, this only included airlines based in North and South America, so the options were fairly limited. Maybe next year we’ll get some more winners!

But if it’s any consolation, the winners were based more on innovation, comfort (especially in business class and above), and safety; some other important elements like value and reliability weren’t factored in. Before booking, you might also want to consider the best airlines for economy class fliers.

Check out the rest of’s top ten:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Qantas
  4. Qatar Airways
  5. Virgin Australia
  6. Emirates
  7. All Nippon Airways
  8. EVA Air
  9. Cathay Pacific Airways
  10. Japan Airlines

Marissa Laliberte
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