The Three Best Places to Retire Are All in This One State

The weather was nice in these cities, go figure. isn’t necessarily simple. You can start collecting Social Security partially (75 percent) at age 62, then that percentage continues to increase each month until age 66 when you receive full benefits. Age 65 is generally considered the benchmark age for retirement (but this expert says otherwise), but in actuality, the United States average is 63

Sixty-two, 63, 65, and 66—notable numbers to keep track of.  Now that the numbers are concrete, what about the other details? Where exactly is the right place to retire? More and more Americans are retiring outside the U.S., but if the decision is made to stay, there are plenty of prime locations to live out the golden years. It may sound cliche, but Florida is actually the best bet for retirees, according to a new study.

A WalletHub study analyzed 40 different factors from cost of living to availability of recreational activities in the U.S.’s 150 largest cities to determine the rankings. Florida filled out the top three spots, with Orlando coming in first, Tampa second, and Miami third.

Although the top of the list was primarily dominated by warm-weather towns, Salt Lake City, UT(6th),  Denver, CO (8th), Pittsburgh, PA (11th), Minneapolis, MN (14th), Madison, WI (16th), and Cincinnati, OH (20th) all cracked the top 20.

The bottom spot went to Newark, NJ. 

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