Coffee Lovers, Rejoice! This Is the Best Coffee City in America

Experts have finally crowned the nation's top cappuccino connoisseurs. Did yours make the list?


Whether you take it bold and black or sweet and sugary, there’s no question that coffee is an essential staple of any caffeine lover’s diet. That especially goes for us Americans, who are statistically the most caffeinated humans on the planet. And coffee companies have taken note, too; hubs designed for both socializing and sipping these delightfully hot (or iced) beverages are popping up across the nation.

With so many choices, what’s a coffee addict to do? Thankfully, a team from WalletHub has narrowed it down for you. To determine the best local coffee scenes in the country, their survey compared the 100 largest cities across 14 key indicators of coffee lover-friendliness. Researchers evaluated data such as number of coffee shops per capita and the average price per pack of coffee.

Overall, the top-ranked coffee city was Seattle, WA, home of Pike Place Market and—perhaps most importantly—the original Starbucks. Though you may not believe what Starbucks was almost called, you’d better believe this city received high scores for the number, affordability, and customer satisfaction of its local coffee shops. It also has the largest number of coffee and tea manufacturers per capita, and it’s home to a giant Starbucks roastery (seriously!)

Other high-ranking coffee cities included Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and New York, NY. New York has the most coffee shops per capita, with at least one café per person (and the most expensive coffee in America, too). You’ll pay top dollar for a cappuccino in Washington, D.C., but in Miami, FL, the average price for a pack of coffee is just $3.43.

Ready to embark on a grand tour of the best coffee cities in America? Don’t leave us behind! Just make sure you follow these coffee shop etiquette rules while you café hop.

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