This Is the Best Day to Buy Your Christmas Tree

Go against the flow and shop at this time for your Christmas tree.

The most wonderful time of the year is here and people are in a hurry to buy gifts for loved ones as well as a new tree to decorate with lights, ornaments and wrapped presents underneath. Amidst the shopping frenzy around the holiday season from Black Friday through to Christmas, you might be surprised to find out when the best deals on Christmas trees actually are. Figuring out the best way to bring your tree home? Find out how driving with a Christmas tree affects your gas mileage.

“The best day to buy a real Christmas tree is on a Monday for the best deals, but the most important thing to keep in mind when buying a real tree is that it must be purchased from a reputable farm, lot, or retailer,” says Jami Warner, Executive Director, American Christmas Tree Association.

Harold DeLucia, owner of NYC Trees, says that the “best time to buy is the first couple weekends in December.” DeLucia adds, “Here at NYC Trees, we get shipments in every three days to keep our lot of trees fresh, healthy, and long-lasting.”

If you feel like adding a bit of mathematics to the Christmas tree purchasing equation, Square has partnered with the National Christmas Tree Association to release helpful figures and a calculator that uses a variety of factors to help predict the best time for you to buy your Christmas tree. The findings are based on “Square sales from thousands of Christmas tree farmers and sellers across the country.” According to Square sales data, “the Christmas tree buying season kicks into high gear on Black Friday with an average price of $79, and prices spike on Cyber Monday, reaching $84.” If you’re looking to save money on holiday decorations, here are DIY decorations anyone can handle.

Before you shop for your Christmas tree, you should first ask yourself a few questions. Do you want a fresh-looking tree in your living room, or do you want to snag the best price for a tree? “As far as price goes, the best time to buy is closer to Christmas as many retailers will drop their prices significantly,” says DeLucia.

Careful care and attention must be given to your Christmas tree to make sure it lasts at least until Christmas. “It must be watered every day with one gallon of fresh water and it must be kept away from any heat sources,” advises Warner. “Also, please plan on taking down your real tree immediately after Christmas. A dry tree is a dangerous fire hazard.”
If you’re getting a Christmas tree early, you better know how to keep it from dying before Christmas. However, waiting until after Christmas may pay off for certain shoppers. “The best day to buy an artificial Christmas tree is December 26th,” says Warner. “Fantastic deals await the consumer who wants to get a jump on next season.” Next, don’t miss these secrets your Christmas tree wants to tell you.

Get creative this Christmas and DIY your tree. Watch this video to see how easy it is:

Originally Published on The Family Handyman