This Is the Absolute Best Coffee Blend (And You Can Buy It at Your Grocery Store!)

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Why break the bank on a daily latte from Starbucks if you can brew an amazing cup from the comfort of your own home? Not only does a homemade cup of Joe prevent you from packing on the pounds, but it can also save you quite a few bucks down the road. (Still, if you absolutely have to splurge, try making your coffee habit healthier with the healthiest way to order your coffee.)

What’s more, you can find some of the best coffee blends in your local grocery store aisle. Don’t believe us? The Kitchn just ranked the best grocery store coffee, and most cost less than a Starbucks latte.

Overall, Green Mountain Organic Sumatran Reserve topped the list of favorites. Although you might recognize this brand for its delicious K-cup pods, it has an equivalent in whole bean form, too. Once brewed, the beans’ flavor is “deliciously complex,” complete with “earthy with fruity-cherry notes and a hint of vegetal greenness,” according to The Kitchn. Its balance between bitterness and acidity was so well-struck well-balanced, they claimed, that they “would happily drink it black.” Now that’s a compliment!

Granted, a bag of Green Mountain coffee costs about $14—almost double the price you’d pay for common brands like Folgers or Maxwell House. If you’re looking for something a little easier on the wallet, try Caribou’s Mahogany Dark Roast; it ranked No. 2 on the list and only costs $7 per bag. Other favorites included Starbucks Caffe Verona, Peet’s French Roast, Lavazza Gran Selezione, and Illy Dark Roast.

In the end, it’s just proof that if you start brewing from home, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor in the name of your diet or wallet. And now that you’re on your way to becoming a bonafide barista, memorize these tricks to making the perfect cup of coffee.

[Source: The Kitchn]

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