7 Stories from “The Moth” That Will Tug on Your Heartstrings Long After They’re Over

Updated: Jun. 29, 2017

"The Moth" showcases storytellers who share tales that run from heartwarming to hilarious. If you're new to the podcast, these powerful stories will get you hooked.

Walking with RJ

A car accident put Stephanie Peirolo’s high school son in a coma. Things were bad enough until Peirolo’s health insurance started lying to refuse coverage, and her job fired her despite laws protecting employees who take time off to care for sick family members. When things took a turn for the (even) worse, she made the most difficult decision of her life.


During the Civil Rights movement, Hector Black and his wife took in a little girl and raised her as their own. After she grew up, the family was devastated when she was killed in her own home. Black, a Quaker, shares his story of reaching deep within himself to find forgiveness that seemed impossible. Learn science-backed forgiveness tricks to help you do the same.

Life Support

After a series of unfortunate events left Stephanie Summerville without her college scholarship, she moved back home to escape homelessness. In an attempt to break out of clinical depression, she took a job taking care of man dying of liver cirrhosis. Cleaning up bile was tough enough before Summerville realized a disturbing truth about the man and his wife.

Help Wanted

Gretchen Waschke was working as a community and family educator for a mental health agency when she was suddenly thrust in the same position as the people she helped for a living. An eviction notice gave her three days to figure out where she and her daughter would live. She thought she was at a loss until giving up her pride brought her help from an unlikely source. When you need help, find these tips for asking for what you want.

Lost and Found

After experiencing homelessness and abuse from his mother as a child, Timothy Bell ran away from home at 12 years old. He spent three months living on the streets before he was taken in to foster care, and didn’t keep in touch with his mom much as an adult. Through her death, though, he would actually find surprising clarity.

Good News Versus Bad

As a 12-year-old, Erin Barker was elated to hear her mom was going to have a third child—but the truth behind her mother’s pregnancy wound up tearing the family apart. Filled with resentment against her mother, Barker vowed to hate the baby for the rest of her life. As it turns out, holding a grudge was harder than she’d thought.

A House Divided

Desperate to become anything but her alcoholic mother, Annie Duke committed her life to becoming more like her dad. It wasn’t until her fear of failing landed her in the hospital that she was able to find her true calling. Find out how to tell if perfectionism is hurting your life.

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