10 Best Portable Closets for Every Type of Space

Small closet? No problem. These portable closets double your space and keep your clothes neat, clean, and organized.

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Do you live in an apartment that doesn’t offer you a lot of storage space for your wardrobe or are your house’s closets way too tiny for all of your clothes to fit inside? If you answered “yes” to either of those, trust us—you’re not alone in your hunt for the best closet organizers or small closet ideas.

And while it can be super annoying not having a proper place for all of your clothes to go in your home, that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands upgrading your existing closet’s design, move to a bigger place, or get rid of all of your clothes. If you’re tight on closet space, one of these best portable closets may be the perfect clothes storage idea.

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What exactly is a portable closet?

A portable storage closet or portable wardrobe is basically a cheap way to acquire more storage space for your fashion accessories and clothes. The best portable closets come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes and have adjustable rods and shelving so you can customize them to your liking.

You can get ones that are made from fabric, ones that are plastic, or even, wood or metal materials. Some of the best pop-up closets even have wheels so you can easily move them around, and most of them are very lightweight and easy to assemble, too.

You can also choose if you’d like to have a closet that’s open—so you can have your clothes on display and they can act as décor within your space (which can look very chic)—or you can find portable closets with doors or drawers that are more closet- and dresser-like in their appearance.

How to find the best portable closets to suit your needs:

There are all kinds of clothes storage ideas out there to choose from. However, before you purchase one, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when searching for the pop-up wardrobe for your small space:

1. Where are you putting the portable closet? The first thing is to make sure you decide which room it’s going to go in so it won’t look out of place. Racks and portable dressers work best in smaller areas, while full-on portable closets that include shelving and hanging racks are better for larger rooms.

2. What are you storing inside it? The second thing to consider is figuring out exactly what you want to store inside it before you buy it. For instance, if you’re planning on using the portable closet for your shoes and accessories, you’ll want to make sure it has shelves or drawers, but if you want somewhere to put all of your dresses and suits, you’ll really only need a rack.

3. How much weight does it need to support? And if you’re planning on storing or hanging heavy-duty items within it, like bulky winter coats, snow boots, and even suitcases, you’ll need to search for a portable closet that is durable and made out of wood, metal or a heavy plastic material.

Check out the ten best portable closets for every type—there are even some portable closet ideas you can DIY on the cheap!

Vipek 5 Tiers Wire Garment Rackvia walmart.com

Heavy-duty portable closet: Vepek 5-Tier Wire Heavy Duty Clothes Rack

Buy it: This 5-tier wire garment closet isn’t messing around! It not only looks nice displaying your favorite clothes, shoes, bags and suitcases out in the open, but the closet system has an overall load capacity of 794 pounds and each of its hanging rods can hold up to 33 pounds, which is why it’s one of the best portable closets you can buy.

DIY it: To make sure your DIY portable closet isn’t flimsy, design it using plastic connecting cubes that are sturdy and reliable. They are easy to assemble, can be arranged to fit any space, and come in tons of different colors so you can mix and match them or just stick to one shade.

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Songmics 3 Tier Closet Drawervia amazon.com

Portable dresser: Songmics 3-Tier Storage Dresser

Buy it: This 6-drawer dresser has an iron frame and easy-pull fabric boxes. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit whatever your storage needs are, making it one of the best portable closet alternatives for a kid’s closet or an adult’s room.

DIY it: Use large plastic stacking drawers to create a DIY portable dresser. If you stack several on each other and decide it’s still not big enough to store all of your clothes, assemble another stack right by your first to have double the drawers. Finish off your design by spray painting the plastic bins or using stick-and-peel wallpaper so you can’t see inside.

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Salonmore 69 Inch Closet Storage Clothes Wardrobe Rack With Shelvesvia walmart.com

Portable closet with shelves: SalonMore 69″ Closet

Buy it: This piece is 69 inches tall and has tons of shelves with dividers so that your clothes will stay neatly in place once you put them away. It comes in three different color options and even includes a small section where you can hang a few pieces of clothing.

DIY it: You can transform any unused bookshelf in your house into a closet with shelves in no time. Place square storage boxes on the bottom row to stash your smaller accessories in, and use the other shelves for folded T-shirt, jeans, and sweaters. If you’d like to include a clothing rack, just remove the top two bookshelves so you can place a rack at the top and all of your shelves can be below it. If you need more organization inspiration, check out the best closet organizers on Amazon.

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Honey Can Do Portable Wardrobe Storage Closetvia amazon.com

Portable closet with doors: Honey-Can-Do Portable Wardrobe Storage Closet

Buy it: This fabric-covered wardrobe looks nice and will keep your clothes fresh. It features a wardrobe rack inside, as well as two pull-out drawers, and it has large double doors for easy access.

DIY it: Use PVC pipes to create the shape/height you want your closet to be and then make a duplicate of it (one for the backside and one for the front of your closet). Then, use PVC pipes and PVC elbows to connect the front and back pieces, making sure you include T-shape PVC pies wherever you want to place your PVC rods. Then, slide the top, front PVC pipe through a pair of cute curtains so they can slide back and forth as doors and add a few small contains on the bottom for your socks and undergarments.

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Adjustable Double Rod Garment Rackvia target.com

Portable closet rack: Room Essentials Adjustable Double Rod Garment Rack

Buy it: This wardrobe rack is easy to set up and can fit twice the amount of clothes thanks to its double rods, which is why it’s one of the best portable closet options. It’s also super lightweight, weighing less than 5 pounds!

DIY it: If you would rather make a portable clothing rack yourself, you’ll need a few PVC pipes and PVC elbows. Just buy some in the desired length and height you want, then use the PVC elbows on each end to connect all the pieces. Lastly, use metallic spray paint to make it look like it’s metal or go for a colorful spray paint to make it pop in your room.

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