This Is the Best Time to Go to IKEA

If you love crowds, there’s a good chance you’d love visiting IKEA on a Saturday afternoon. For the rest of us, there's a much less hectic time to make the trip.

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IKEA has just about everything: furniture, kitchen gadgets, patio chairs, and tables, and even holiday decorations, toys, and food. But if you need to get in and out as quickly as possible, there are certain times to visit and other times to stay away.

One employee posted on Reddit that shoppers should do all they can to avoid going on the weekends, as this is when stores are the busiest. “The best time to go towards the checkout for no queue is 30 minutes to an hour after opening,” the employee wrote.

The employee added that many show up at the store 30 minutes prior to the store’s official opening so when the doors open, they can grab what they need and get in and out without much hassle. These are the 17 secrets IKEA employees won’t tell you.

Another strategy is going mid-week, especially in the evening hours, when you can enjoy a meal (Swedish meatballs and a soft-serve ice cream cone!) and stroll without all crazy crowds you’ll encounter on the weekend. Employees note that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are ideal.

If you must visit on the weekend, try going after 6 p.m. Some bloggers note that the weekend rush often clears out by dinner time, leaving much more room to browse. Here are 12 more incredible IKEA hacks you didn’t know.

Another great time to visit IKEA? Head there late in the day that first Sunday in February when everyone else is gathered around the television watching that big football game. You’ll practically have the store to yourself!

Of course, you may not always be able to get to the brick-and-mortar location during those low traffic periods—or you may not want to even leave the house at all. Luckily, there’s always Next, read up on these 14 surprising things you never knew you could buy from IKEA.

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