These Tweets Will Convince You 2017 Was a Great Year, According to Bill Gates

2017 might not have been all bad, and here’s why.

Bill-gatesFrederic Bukajlo/RTL/SIPA/REX/ShutterstockGood news! Despite what you might hear on the television or Internet, this year wasn’t all doom and gloom. From incredible scientific discoveries to miraculous recoveries, there is still plenty to celebrate about 2017.

But don’t just take our word for it. In a recent blog post, Microsoft founder Bill Gates praised the “hope and progress: new discoveries, unsung achievements, acts of courage, and kindness” of 2017. And to illustrate his point, he shared six of his favorite tweets from the past year.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read on—it’s practically guaranteed to lift your spirits.

1. This man became the first in his family to graduate college

“Congratulations Edwardo!” Gates wrote. “I hope in 2018 there will be even more of [these stories] because a college degree is a proven ticket to a life of higher income and better opportunity.” Don’t miss all of the best things that happened in 2017.

2. A rom-com highlighted the lack of access to sanitation

It might sound like an odd combination, but this film had an important message. “A new Indian government program is making huge progress improving sanitation with a goal of installing 75 million toilets throughout the country by 2019. This film tells the story of one of those toilets and the impact it had on one family,” Gates wrote.

3. Vaccinations wiped out measles in two countries

Did you know that worldwide efforts to eliminate measles have saved 20 million lives since 2000? This is “the kind of news that’s huge, but often gets overlooked,” Gates wrote. Check out more promising medical breakthroughs of 2017.

4. A man won the $250,000 World Food Prize—and gave it away

Yes, you read that right. Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the president of the African Development Bank, won this year’s World Food Prize. But instead of keeping the money for himself, he created a fund that provides grants to African youth who are interested in agriculture. These are the nicest things CEOs have ever done, too.

5. Volunteering is officially good for your health

New research has discovered that volunteering can lower your blood pressure and decrease mortality rates across the board, the New York Times reported. If you want to see the benefits for yourself, we suggest these creative ways to volunteer and make a difference.

6. You can now take your reading to the next level

According to Gates, “a new, time-saving sport… is catching on in schools” this year. Called “extreme reading,” it “challenges students to read no matter where they are or what else they’re doing: jumping on a trampoline, skydiving, playing soccer, riding a horse, sledding, or even swimming underwater.”

[Source: Inc]

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