Beyond Cookies: It’s Girl Scout Candy Time

Girl Scout cookies are so last year, Girl Scout candy is here!

dark chocolate mint penguinsThe Girl Scouts sell cookies that lure us with their nostalgia and limited-time-only appeal. Just like Eggnog has a season, and fresh tomatoes have a season, Girl Scout Cookies have a season: spring.

Well, file this under “Who Knew?” My friend brought over a box of Girl Scout candy: ’tis the season, apparently. I tried the little chocolate mint penguins, which tasted like grocery store boxed candy (think Russell Stover). While I didn’t experience the magical ambrosia of Girl Scout cookies, they were still cute. And, as always, troops get a large portion of the proceeds for their programs. So go find a girl scout (or, more likely, find a girl scout’s parent, who is selling the goods at work). It’s time for a seasonal treat.

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