Good News: You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty for Binge-Watching TV Anymore

Think you’re a couch potato for binging that Netflix show all weekend? Here’s what the surprising science says.

Here’s the truth: Even fitness buffs have spent a weekend or two snuggled up in bed with a Netflix show on the TV screen. Sure, it could leave you feeling like a couch potato (and with a very fried brain!). But guilt-trip, no more! Binge-watching TV might not be that bad for your brain or your body, new science says.

In its latest video, AsapSCIENCE disputes the claim that lots of screen time is damaging our health. After all, let’s put this in perspective: TV-watching used to literally kill you! In the 1960s, a manufacturing error led to TV sets that emitted deadly levels of radiation. Nowadays, binge-watching TV is (thankfully) a much safer activity. So you can lay your guilty conscious to rest this weekend.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that excessive screen time has loads of health perks. In reality, it can increase your risk of conditions like eye strain and myopia in children, along with the expected weight gain and heart issues that come with sitting for too long. (Check out these signs you should move more.) Your sleep might suffer, too. Plus, you burn more calories by doing other sedentary activities, such as reading.

Long story short? You’d be better off sticking to the two hours of television per day rule, if you can. But if you can offset your screen time with a quick walk or a few crunches, you deserve to hit that play button…right?