Bloated? 6 Foods to Avoid

Feeling bloated? These foods can help

Bloating can be caused by a variety of factors like health issues, genetics, or medications; but it can also be caused by the foods we eat. Although we may be eating a healthy diet, some foods like broccoli and milk can cause painful gas and bloating that’s as uncomfortable as it is unsightly.  Here is a list of six bloating culprits to watch out for.


Although filled with fiber and vitamins, broccoli can also cause gas and bloating. Try eating broccoli very slowly to reduce gas.

Artificial sweeteners

They may save on calories, but artificial sweeteners contain sugar alcohols which can cause bloating. Minimize your use of artificial sweeteners or skip them altogether to reduce uncomfortable gas.

Chewing gum

While it may help to digest your food and keep your teeth white, chewing gum can bring excess air into your digestive system, which causes gas. Chew gum slowly to reduce gas.


Delicious and healthy cabbage is a great vegetable to enjoy all year round. But this leafy veggie can also spur painful bloating.  Avoid it or try eating it slowly for relief.

Carbonated drinks

Although some popular sodas were created to help digestion, they may cause bloating as well. Limit your consumption of these bubbly treats to keep your digestive system on track.


It may be filled with vitamins and nutrients, but milk is a major offender of bloating and gas. Try opting for lactose-free milk or almond milk for relief without sacrificing the milky taste.

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Sources: Mayo Clinic, TODAY Health

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