The One-Minute Trick That Turns Worn-Out Sneakers Into Brand-New Ones

All you need is one thing, and you own it already.

New sneakers are great, but only when they look new. Once they start to look a little worn and the rubber soles get all squished and wrinkly, they just don’t look as great paired with your cute gym outfit that you have no intention of actually going to the gym in. (By the way, this is how you can keep your shoes stink free.)

But fear not—the only thing you need to get your kicks looking (and feeling!) brand new is something you probably already have on hand: a hair dryer. Reddit user Tyler Deleersnyder, also known as PartyxDirtyDan, revealed this genius hack that had Reddit users going crazy. (Try out these other genius tips to make your shoes last longer.)

The technique is simple—you just need to apply heat for one minute to a section of the rubber sole. “Switch off on the areas you work on to make sure you don’t melt the glue on the outsole and upper [part of the shoe],” Deleersnyder shared. For the best results, apply heat to the same section multiple times, but NOT for longer than a minute at a time.  He also pointed out that you should avoid touching the soles of your sneakers until they are completely cool; touching them while hot could leave an imprint.

This can be a tedious process, but it’s definitely more cost-effective than buying a whole new pair of sneakers. Simply point the dryer at your shoes, watch the creases disappear, and get that bounce back in your step. Inspired to spruce up all of your other shoes? This is how to clean every type of shoe that you own.

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