This Hotel Where You Can Sleep in a Bookshelf Is a Bookworm’s Dream Come True

When can we book a stay?

Is there anything better than curling up in bed with a good book? Well, there might be: curling up in a bookshelf bed surrounded by good books. Nope, it’s not just a crazy dream—one hotel lets you do just that. Book and Bed Tokyo is a Japanese hostel chain that has beds built right into its bookshelves.

The flagship location, Ikebukuro in Tokyo, has a whopping 3,200 books on its shelves and space for up to 5,000. (Sort of reminds us of this tiny British town that has more books than people.) The other three locations in Tokyo and Kyoto have wide collections too, with at least 1,500 volumes to choose from. Most of the books are in English or are guidebooks about Japan, but some of the titles are in Japanese, too. No matter what your tastes, you’re sure to “have a book day,” as Book and Bed Tokyo says. (Learn about the crazy amount of work that goes into curating books for a restaurant or hotel library.)

Grab a book off the shelves and take it with you into your bed. The snuggly sleeping spaces are like your reading nook dreams times ten. (Nestle in with these 39 cozy reading quotes that will make you crave a good book.)

If calling the smallest mattress option, which is just smaller than twin XL, “compact” seems like a polite word for “too tight,” you can also pick from a “standard” mattress, which is closer to a full-sized bed. Or if your partner is coming with you, splurge for a king-sized bed. Depending on which location you pick, prices range from ¥3500 (about $31) to ¥3500 (about $60) per night.

New titles are everywhere you look at Book and Bed Tokyo. Glance at the soft, moody lighting and you’ll see dozens of books dangling from the ceiling.

And for those who’d rather flip through a magazine, there’s an entire wall lined with them. (Don’t miss this restaurant that gives a book to every customer, too.)

As the hostel’s site says, it really is “paradise for bookworms.”

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