The Secret to Snagging Your Favorite Bestsellers for $5 or Less

Great reads that cost next to nothing? Sign us up!

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Your friends are abuzz, gushing over that amazing new book that just hit shelves. They’re already planning a movie night for when the film version arrives in theaters. You’re desperate to read it and see what all the hype is about…but you’re not sure you want to fork over upwards of 10 dollars for another book. And e-books are no cheaper…or are they?

Well, book retailers have been keeping a money-saving secret that even the most avid readers may not know about. For a limited time, the prices of popular e-books will drop to nearly nothing—or sometimes literally nothing! As for just how limited a time, the low prices tend to be available for anywhere from a day to a whole week. For instance, the price of the e-book version of The Girl on the Train dropped 10 dollars—from $11.99 to $1.99—for one day only in 2016. And for a full week, the publisher Random House offered the e-book of The Da Vinci Code (which you definitely should have read by now) for free!

Super-cheap bestsellers—sounds great, right? But how are you supposed to know when these amazing deals are active?

Fortunately, there’s an easy way. An online service with the wonderfully alliterative name BookBub allows literary fanatics to receive updates alerting them to e-book deals. Subscribers fill out a survey, selecting their favorite book genres, and BookBub sends them daily emails showing discounted titles that match their interests. All of the titles are at least 75 percent off. With BookBub, you’ll never run out of reading material again.

Over 10 million people have experienced the joys of BookBub. In addition to showing them great deals on books and authors they’re already familiar with, BookBub also allows its customers to explore new reading material. Will you try out a book you know nothing about for $12? Maybe not. But for $2? Sure! One happy customer even claimed that she’s stocked up on “more books than [she] can read in a lifetime.” (Sounds like she’s guilty of this Japanese literary habit!)

Once you download your new non-bank-breaking books, you can read them on any of your devices—iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook. Get started by visiting BookBub’s website.

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