Viral Product Alert: Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets

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Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets work in the dryer to actively repel dog and cat hair from your clothes. Pet hair problems, solved!

If you have pets, you probably have a pet hair problem. Well, now there’s a solution, and it starts in the dryer. Pet owners and cleaning addicts alike can’t stop buying these handy Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets—and with good reason. They do so much more than the name “dryer sheets” suggests.

Cleaning fanatics have given this affordable and useful laundry product a whopping 33,000 reviews. Pet owners are calling the dryer sheets “game changers” that saved their favorite wardrobe essentials from dreaded pet hair build-up. And no lint rollers or wads of masking tape are required! Here’s everything you need to know about Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets and how to do laundry.

How do Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets work?

Simply toss one Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheet into the dryer with clean, damp laundry and let the heat of the dryer activate hair-repelling ingredients. While dryer sheets aren’t mandatory for clean clothes, those who know how to do laundry to avoid excess pet hair and odors swear by this step. While dryer balls reduce drying time, these dryer sheets repel pet hair.

Though the ingredients are definitely a mouthful, the combination of fatty acids, bentonite, and other chemistry class wonders go to work coating your fabrics with just a tiny amount of magic formula that keeps pet hair from sticking in the first place. Throw out each used sheet when you’re done drying (they can’t be reused). Some reviewers suggest adding an extra sheet in larger loads or clothes that come in contact with particularly hairy pet breeds. Another option is to get a dog breed that doesn’t shed that much in the first place!

Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Fabric Softener Sheets have proprietary ingredients that repel pet hair and reduce static from your clothes. The brand promises three times more hair and lint-fighting ingredients than the leading regular size dryer sheets. The incredibly successful hair and lint-repelling formula has encouraged some reviewers to try gently rubbing these dryer sheets along their furniture and upholstery as well.

Why are they a viral cleaning product?

If you’ve ever been caught with pet hair on your favorite outfit, you already know what a hassle it is to break out the lint roller. Aside from having to remember where you put it, it just eats up valuable time and energy not only doing the rolling but also replacing the sticky sheets.  That’s where Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets come in. They’re one of the best pet hair removers that really work, thanks to nearly effortless technology that actually repels pet hair of all types from even clinging to fabrics in the first place.

When popular TikTok users showed how many genius dryer sheet uses could be imagined with these, the internet quickly caught on. The massive double-size sheets go to work coating fabrics with an invisible fur and hair repeller. The dryer sheets have since earned tens of thousands of positive Amazon reviews and a total 4.5-star rating. A full-size package rings in under $9, making it an excellent value for pet owners of all types. You’ll definitely want to add it to your cart along with the viral Folex Carpet Spot Remover.

The best Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets reviews

Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheetsvia

Laura Mitchell, a verified Amazon purchaser writes, “If I could give 200 stars for this product, I would. In a house with five dogs, we needed something that would keep dog hair off our clothes and uniforms. I started with a small load just to test it. No pet hair on the clothes coming out of the dryer and the clothes smell great. The big dog brushed up against my roommate’s nursing uniform and only a few hairs easily brushed off. No need for the lint roller, so now I use a dryer sheet on all the laundry.”

“I love these, and I am so happy that they work,” shares another pleased verified Amazon purchaser, J. “I have a fluffy golden retriever and the hair is impossible. I brush him every day and run the Neato robot vacuum every day, and I still end up with dog hair all over me. I keep lint brushes on hand and even carry a mini one in my purse. I cannot stand having dog hair on my clothes. I started using these last week and I have next to no hair sticking on my black yoga pants.”

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