This Is the Paper Towel Brand People Prefer the Most, According to 500 Shoppers

When it comes to performance, this brand can't be beat.

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Everyday household items—trash bags, soap, paper towels, etc.—can take a big bite out of your household budget. And when an item is being used daily, often multiple times a day, it should be dependable, effective, and cost-efficient. So which paper towel ranked number one?

A survey of 514 people of varying sexes, ages, and races by, found that a combination of factors including cost-efficiency, brand name, quality, familiarity, and packaging affect home shopping decisions. Coming out on top of those combined factors is Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. Check out these 11 tips for making your household cleaners last longer.

Though slightly pricier at $5.14 per 500 sheets than the number two and three paper towels (Walmart at $3.71 and Costco at $4.95 for the same amount of sheets, respectively), shoppers preferred Bounty. Why? When it comes to paper towels, people look primarily for wet strength and scrubbing ability and when it comes to those, no one bests Bounty, according to Wirecutter. In tests, Bounty lasted double the amount of scrub strokes compared to the competing brands. Interestingly, Wirecutter also noted that because of its strength, Bounty is slightly less absorbent than other brands, but it’s still the site’s—and consumers—top pick. Don’t miss these extraordinary uses for paper towels.

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