A Company That Pays for Your Wedding AND College Tuition Is Hiring!

You might want to start freshening up your resume. This job has some pretty mind-blowing perks!


Which life milestones take the biggest chunk out of your wallet? If you ask anyone, you’ll likely hear the same answer over and over again: weddings and college tuition. Thankfully, this CEO’s employees won’t feel strapped for cash when they pay for those expensive events.

Chieh Huang, CEO of the online wholesale retailer Boxed, just made a huge (and life-changing!) announcement. Full-time Boxed employees will receive up to $20,000 to plan the wedding of their dreams. On top of that, Huang plans to fund the full cost of college tuition for employees’ children, no matter where they go to school. (It’s just one of the many nicest things CEOs have done for their employees.)

Because Boxed offers online warehouse shopping similar to Costco—but accessible via an app— employees work in the warehouses to organize, pack, and ship the materials. To help cover the cost of their biggest expenses, Huang will donate money from his own salary to a nonprofit, which will then be distributed to his workers.

“Knowing what folks are going through, and having a chance to fix that, I just had to do something about it,” Huang told the Today Show. “Now that I’m in a place to help these folks pay, I’m going to do that.”

As for his employees? They could not be more grateful for Huang’s generosity. “You’re helping us breathe a little bit, in terms of looking towards the future,” one employee said, after he learned that Huang would pay for his wedding. (You’ll wish you had these mind-blowing job perks, too!)

Plus, we have more good news: Boxed is now hiring! There’s never been a better time to make a career change.

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