Can You Spot the One Image That Is Not Like the Others?

Who doesn't love a good brain teaser?


Is your eye trained enough to find the one English muffin in this image that is different than the rest? These tasty treats are topped with olives, ham, cheese, and salami. While they are all different from each other, one stands out a little more than the rest. Study the different illustrations for a while to see if you can figure it out. If you want another challenge after this one, see if you can spot the turtle among the lily pads.

Find it yet? Here’s a hint—it has to do with the number of toppings on each English muffin. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the English muffin labeled 6 has three toppings: an olive, a slice of ham, and a slice of cheese. All of the other muffins only have two different toppings. Tricky, right? If you solved this brain teaser relatively quickly, you might also be able to spot the camouflaged animals in these photos.

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Originally Published in Mind Stretchers Volume I

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