This Is the One Destination People Want to Visit Before They Die (Hint: It’s Not in Europe!)

You won’t need a passport, either.

This-Is-the-One-Destination-People-Want-to-Visit-Before-They-Die-(Hint--It’s-Not-in-Europe!)_458190886_Maria-SavenkoMaria Savenko/Shutterstock

The research is in: Bucket lists really can make your life more meaningful. While it may be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day reality of a to-do list, tapping into your passions is totally worth it. And if you’re dreaming of a big vacation, you’re definitely not alone. Just ask researchers at AARP, whose new study revealed that traveling is one of the most popular items on people’s bucket lists.

To gather their data, the researchers surveyed over 1600 people over the age of 18 who had taken at least one leisure trip in the past year, and categorized their responses by generation. Among the respondents who said they did have a list, 83 percent of Baby Boomers had at least one travel-related item on it. By contrast, just 76 percent of Generation Xers and 69 percent of millennials aspired to travel somewhere before they die.

One destination, in particular, caught the eye of Baby Boomers: Hawaii. In fact, about 18 percent of boomers listed the island chain as their top domestic destination. The Aloha State outranked Alaska (12 percent), California (8 percent), Arizona (8 percent), Nevada (7 percent), and New York (7 percent) for the top honor.

It’s easy to see Hawaii’s appeal, of course. Not only is the warm weather and natural beauty tough to beat, but another recent study also found that people in Hawaii are the happiest of any state. All the more reason to check the Hawaiian Islands off your bucket list, in our opinion.

Fortunately, booking cheap flights to Hawaii just became easier than ever. But before you book, make sure to check out the best tips for the Hawaiian vacation of your dreams!

[Source: Travel + Leisure]

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