Build Your Own Backyard Hanging Garden

Build your own garden of hanging potted plants.

Who says a garden has to be horizontal? Do It Yourself magazine has some great ideas on how to put that backyard fence to good use as a backdrop for a vertical garden of hanging potted plants.

1. Design it.
Measure the section of fence where your garden will be, and sketch out the dimensions in chalk on your patio or driveway (a large piece of paper will also do the trick). Keeping the height of your plants in mind, determine how many pots you’ll need and experiment with different ways of arranging them—in columns or rows, on the diagonal, in an asymmetrical pattern, etc.

2. Drill it.
To translate your design to the fence, use a yardstick or tape measure to mark where each pot will go. Next, attach pot hangers to the fence with a power drill or screwdriver.

3. Decorate it.
For a splash of color on an otherwise monochromatic fence, give your pots a coat of paint in a vibrant hue. Spray paints provide a quick, even coat, and work well on terracotta. Paint all of the pots the same color or choose a few and create a pattern. (Note: Only use pots with holes in the bottom for drainage.)

4. Preview it.
Before filling the pots with soil, hang them on the hooks to get a sense of what the completed garden will look like. Unsatisfied? Now’s the time to make adjustments in the design.

5. Plant it.
Hanging gardens are equally suitable for growing decorative flowering plants or edibles such as herbs and veggies. Fill your freshly-painted pots with nutrient-rich soil before planting.

6. Hang it.
Taking care not to bruise the plants, attach each pot to its hook or hanger. Check each hanger to make sure the pots are secure.

7. That’s it!
Step back and enjoy your new view.


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