17 Incredible Butter Sculptures You Won’t Believe Are Real

Need a new hobby? How about butter sculpting!

Gotta catch ’em all

Do you own any of these Pokemon cards? If you do, you could be practically sitting on a gold mine.

This year’s New York State Fair’s butter tribute

Did you hear about the New York police officer who bought a homeless man a pair of socks and shoes?

Polly want a…butter?

We bet you didn’t know the word “bird” means something totally different in England.

This cow who’s trying really hard to reach that grass

Fun fact: Cows’ immune systems may actually hold a clue for a potential HIV vaccine.

Something’s telling us this goldfish feels more slippery than scaly

Did you win a goldfish at the carnival? Here’s how to take care of your new fish friend.

This incredibly detailed mini farm

Check out this inspirational 83-year-old who runs a 210-acre farm!

Now serving…butter

Here are some health benefits of playing tennis! (Side note: Don’t consume excessive amounts of butter prior to your tennis match.)

Nothing like some mother-daughter bonding time

Reach for the stars…and bring your pig

Be careful when you get in the carriage; it might be slippery

Just a casual picture of the prime minister of Canada with some pandas

Butter never looked so angelic

Abraham Lincoln looking rather…unimpressed

Did you know Abraham Lincoln came up with the word “sugarcoat”?

This delicate, buttery rose

If this were a real rose, its color would signify desire, enthusiasm, and passion. These are the meanings behind every rose color.

We love pumpkins in all of its forms—even butter

While we’re on the subject on pumpkins, here are 10 fresh pumpkin recipes you’ve never tried before (none are 100% butter).

“Come with me, and you’ll see…a world of pure imagination…”

Ever wonder what breakfast would be like if Willy Wonka was your father?

Butter moo-ve over for this cow on a motorcycle

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