Calories Burned in 6 Popular Gym Classes

It’s more than you think!

Get ready to move! Rev up your fitness routine by trying out a few of the latest fitness classes aimed to get you moving and sweating. So how many calories can you burn by attending these classes? Of course, everyone’s body is different; but we have a rough estimate of just how many calories an average person will lose during one of these workouts.

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Circuit Training

Circuit training offers a great way to mix both strength and cardio exercises by making participants rotate frequently between exercises. With this fast-paced workout you can expect to burn about 570 calories per hour.


Kickboxing requires you to use every muscle in your body and most people can expect to burn 500 to 800 calories per session. Now that really packs a punch!

Bikram Yoga

Often referred to as “hot yoga,” Bikram Yoga takes place in a room that’s heated to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Using 26 different poses, this is considered to be the most challenging form of yoga. But that hard work pays off – practitioners can expect to lose about 1,000 calories per session.


Combining boxing with Pilates, this fun workout elongates your frame while adding the benefits of cardio exercise. You could torch up to 800 calories per session.


This fun, Latin-inspired workout demands that you move with the music. Dancers can expect to burn about 500 calories in a typical session.


Get motivated with this stationary bike class that takes you through pretend hills and valleys. With your legs and heart pumping, you could burn about 700 calories per session.

Remember to speak with your doctor or healthcare professional to make sure that you’re healthy enough for physical activity.

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