Can You Spot the Wizard in This Wintry Scene?

Warning: You might need a bit of magic to solve this one.

Can-You-Spot-the-Wizard-in-This-Wintry-SceneVia Casumo.comWith the winter months bearing down, you probably wish could wave your magic wand and make the cold weather disappear. You’ll have to settle for these winter survival tips from the coldest parts of the country. Since we can’t actually change the weather itself, we have the next best thing: a mind-numbing puzzle.

Somewhere in this blustering blizzard hides a wizard, and he’s wearing nothing but his cape and pointy hat. But can you find the sorcerer before he gets too chilly?

“You’re going to need a sharp eye and a bit of luck to spot our wizard in this inclement weather,” Greg Tatton-Brown, a spokesperson for, said. “Sometimes, even a sorcerer struggles to conjure up some sunshine.”

Online casino site created this brainteaser to celebrate their Super Snowball campaign. Until January 16, players have the chance to win prizes by entering in their weekly lottery.

Whether you use magic or a map, it may be hard to find the wandering wizard amidst the hocus-pocus. No need to worry— has provided the solution below for those who just can’t seem to pin him down.

If that wasn’t enough to stump your nimble noggin, see if you can spot the animals camouflaged in these photos. Or, test your smarts by solving this tricky numbers riddle in less than 60 seconds. Good luck!


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