A Cancer Survivor Finally Found the Perfect Dog to Adopt—Their Odds Were 50-1

Ryan was able to get through treatment because of his beloved dog, Kyra. When she passed, it was years before he was ready to adopt another.

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Our beloved Husky, Kyra, passed away in 2017. She was our son Ryan’s baby. He missed her unconditional love and her stealing his basketball when he tried to shoot hoops. She often helped him get out of the house and forget his problems. Ryan had a brain tumor wrapped around his optic nerve that required surgery to remove. At just 16, he had brain surgery. Five months later, Kyra passed.

A few years later, Ryan was ready to look for another dog. We saw some photos in the paper of puppies from a nearby animal shelter who were in a local parade. Ryan’s eye caught a beautiful white puppy with one blue eye. He was in love.

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We went to the local pet store that was holding a meet and greet for the pups. It was love at first sight for everyone involved. The only problem was 50 other families had applied for our sweet puppy. Ryan was heartbroken and just knew we’d never get picked out of the bunch to adopt her. He’d even already had her name picked out: Luna.

Weeks passed with no news, but we watched her siblings go to other families. Right before Christmas, we got a call—Luna was ours! Ryan has had some heartbreaking moments in life. He’s battled neurofibromatosis for 15 years and undergone 14 surgeries and 40 MRIs. Now, he and Luna are inseparable. I hear him whisper, “You’re the reason I get up every day,” to her.