Candid Moments on the Campaign Trail

One of the most fun aspects of following the news on the campaign trail is the candid photos of the

One of the most fun aspects of following the news on the campaign trail is the candid photos of the candidates that pop up along the way. These genuine moments, captured on camera, offer glimpses of the real people behind the polished political veneers.

Last weekend, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hammed it up for the crowds on their respective campaign stops in battleground states. At Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce, FL, Obama was lifted off his feet by Republican pizzeria owner Scott Van Duzer after he joked about Duzer’s apparent strength and fitness. Over in Ohio, photographers captured a friendly moment between Biden and a group of bikers.

Here are some of my favorite photos so far from the campaign:

Mitt Romney at Leisure: 28 Photos from His Vacation: While the Romney family’s June vacation in Wolfboro, NH provided Mitt with some much needed rest and relaxation, thanks to the Associated Press the American public got a rare glimpse of the typically well-coiffed candidate with his hair amuss, happily enjoying an ice cream with his grandkids.

Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream: Following the crumbs from Obama Eating Burgers, a popular campaign blog featuring photos of the president chowing down on hamburgers, Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream is dedicated to showcasing every tasty stop at local ice cream parlors.

Paul Ryan Plays Cornhole: While visiting Ohio, the vice presidential candidate stopped at Ohio State University to attend a football game. Ryan also took the time to hang with his fraternity brothers at Delta Tau Delta and play some games.

With less than two months until Election Day, we can expect more intense campaigning from both sides. But my fingers are crossed for at least a few more lighthearted moments like these.

Photo credit: Rusty Darbonne/Flickr Commons

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