This Is Why We Care About the Royal Family, According to Science

It's not just because Prince William kind of looks like your cousin.

royal familyAlan Davidson SilverHub REX ShutterstockSay you’re talking to someone at a party. The conversation rolls around to the standard topics, sports, pop culture, the proper way to make a lasagna, and eventually it shifts to the news. Your fellow conversationalist dives into his guilty pleasure in the gossip column, then another party member chimes in that she just loves staying up-to-date on the social life of Adrian Hasler, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein.

You remark that those are odd habits, but not before noticing something. Your habit of obsessively consuming news about the British royal family seems to fall in between the two aforementioned topics; the minutia of their lives are followed like celebrities, but at the same time, they also serve a government role. What is it about them that interests you so?

“It is our nature to identify individuals in the group that are one-of-a-kind for skills and uniqueness that precedes our own,” says Tar Emrami, Ph. D., via Real Simple “The British royal family has found a way to stay relevant and be present in the media. And the way that they portray the family is very relevant to people in that they have a family, they do normal stuff, they go to normal places, although they’re royal”

Emrami is a licensed clinical psychologist at NYU Langone Health and views the tendency to follow the royal family as being inherent to human nature. But there was a particular moment when the royal family was really injected into the zeitgeist, thanks to a particularly notable marriage.

“When Princess Diana became a princess,” says Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist, “That allowed the royal family to burst into a level of celebrity they never experienced before ‘cause here was a commoner who got there.” (This hilarious birthday stunt that Princess Diana pulled was far from regal.)

The everyday activities keep the royal family grounded in reality, while their status simultaneously keeps them exalted. The royal life isn’t always easy—here are some of the etiquette rules the royal family always follows.

]Source: Real Simple]