If You Charge Your iPhone Like This, You Could Be Ruining Its Battery

Oh, no! Most people do this every day, and they have no idea the consequences could be this bad.


The minute your iPhone hits five percent power, your first and only concern becomes finding a nearby outlet ASAP. Stranded at an airport or coffee shop, you might be tempted to plug in your iPhone charger practically anywhere. Nearly every smartphone user knows the feeling, right?

Even if you’re desperate, though, you should resist that impulse. Why? A simple mistake could severely damage your battery—not to mention put your privacy at risk. (These are the 10 secrets to a better smartphone battery life.)

If you have an iPhone 6S, 7, or 7S, charging your iPhone with a third-party charger could ruin your battery, experts say. In fact, it’s recommended that you use only Apple MFI certified lightning connectors. Not only could using a third-party charger affect your phone’s warranty, but on the rare occasion that your iPhone actually explodes, Apple can turn you away if they find damage to the charging circuitry. You’d be better off purchasing Apple chargers, instead. These eight things are also killing your smartphone battery.

And while we’re on the topic of charging your iPhone, there’s one place you should never, ever charge it, either: a stranger’s laptop. Plugging your phone into their computer can leave your data and privacy vulnerable. By clicking a pop-up that allows their computer to be trusted, the user can access your photos and other personal information. Play it safe by waiting until you get home for a charge, or invest in a portable battery to carry when on-the-go.

Better safe than sorry! And the next time you plug in, the best way to charge your device can make its battery last WAY longer.