Pack Your Bags! Booking a Cheap Flight to Hawaii Just Became Easier Than Ever

Say "aloha" to the vacation of a lifetime… and major savings!

shutterstockTired of the summer vacation that burns a hole in your wallet? Thankfully, we’ve found your next affordable family vacation—and no, it’s not a road trip to your in-law’s house.

To celebrate 70 years of flying to Hawaii, United Airlines just announced that it will majorly expand its service to the Aloha State. By adding 11 more flights to its roster, the company will be booking more trips between the continental United States and Hawaii than any other carrier, it says.

Seasonal routes to Hawaii will now turn into a convenient year-round service at many of the airliner’s hubs. According to USA Today, flights to all of the islands from Denver and Los Angeles, for example, will increase to a year-round, daily service. A Saturday-only service from Chicago to Maui will be upgraded to five times per week. And if you’re lucky enough to live in San Francisco, flights will leave the city up to five times per day. (Do you think you could handle these nonstop flights?)

“By adding these flights, we are thrilled to make Hawaii more accessible than ever for our customers,” United’s vice president of sales, Jake Cefolia, said in a statement.

Although fares to Hawaii have stayed pretty stable at the moment, some speculate that the increased service could cause other airline competitors to drop the prices of their flights to Hawaii. That will be especially true if carriers like Southwest and Alaska Airlines, who are already eyeing the state, increase their service there, too. Could this mean cheaper flights to some of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands in the world?

Unfortunately for this summer’s vacationers, United’s change is scheduled for December 20. But stay tuned! Until then, prep for your cheap beach getaway by reading up on the most crucial vacation mistakes to avoid, including the way you’re packing wrong!

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