44 Brie-lliant Cheese Puns for Gouda Laughs

Updated: Jun. 20, 2024

If you love a good laugh and a nice slice of brie, you're going to want to memorize these hilarious cheese puns.

Not only does cheese taste amazing, but it can also make for pretty great laughs if you know how to Kraft your sentences just right. If these coffee puns, donut puns, or pizza puns don’t get people laughing try out these funny cheese puns instead. Use the list below for your Instagram caption of the shot you took of your cheeseboard, in a card to someone you know appreciates a cheese curd, or share them out loud when the opportunity presents itself. These cheese puns are perfect for all ages and guaranteed to produce some gouda laughs. If your audience’s cheese palate only goes as far as mozzarella cheese sticks and blocks of cheddar wrapped in plastic, try these candy puns or funny puns for kids out on them instead.

The best cheese puns

Cheese Louise!

Come to cheddar, right now. Over brie.

Praise Cheeses!

Set your mind at cheese.

Take it cheesy.

Who cares if you’re alone-y, just eat some macaroni.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

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Kick it to the curd!

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Anything you can do, I can do feta.rd.com, Getty Images

Anything you can do, I can do feta.

You think you’re feta than me?

Gouda take the good with the bad.

In queso emergency…

Gouda luck!

Absence makes the heart grow fondue.

He’s a real munster.

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Cheese puns about brie

Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?

Do you brie-lieve in magic?

Let’s agree to disabrie.

Hoping today is as nice as can brie.

To brie or not to brie.

Let’s brie friends forever.

Have a brie-lliant birthday!

Where would I brie without you?!

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My favorite kind of music is R&Brie.rd.com, Getty Images (2)

My favorite kind of music is R&Brie.

Let it brie.

Would you brie mine?

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Nacho average cheese puns

Don’t touch! They’re nachos.

This is nacho thing.

Nacho problem.

Nacho average person.

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Flirty cheese puns

This might sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate.

You are so grate.

Hey, you’re looking sharp.

I would be so provolone without you.

I had fondue you think we can do this again?

You’re my Roquefort ever.

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I’m really fondue you.rd.com, Getty Images

I’m really fondue you.

You are looking mozzare-hella good.

Edam you’re looking fine.

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