This Fast Food Restaurant Has a Better Reputation Than Whole Foods

This chain not only beat out Netflix but Apple and Google as well.

The Harris Poll recently released the 2019 Reputation Quotient Rankings of the top 100 most visible companies. Seated at number one on the list is Wegmans, while the U.S. Government clocks in at number 100. But, one of the most interesting things we found is that a popular fast-food chain beat out mega-corporations like Netflix, Apple, and Google for the 22nd spot.

You guessed it… we’re talking about Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A was the only restaurant to make the top 25 in the Reputation Quotient. It’s nestled between USAA and the Boeing. Coming in second in the restaurant’s category is Starbucks with a score of 72.7. Coming in last in the restaurant’s category with a score of 63.7 is McDonald’s. The golden arches came in number 88 on the list of 100 companies. It’s probably a good thing that America’s favorite fast food item isn’t a burger.

So, what makes Chick-fil-A so great?

It’s not just about the food. The family-owned restaurant cranks out philanthropy almost as much as it cranks out fried chicken: They donate food to local shelters through their Shared Table program, feed victims and first-responders of disasters, offer scholarships to restaurant employees, and host local events to help individual communities in unique ways.

And that’s not all. It also has non-monetary values. “We seek to find the very best business partners who find great joy in making other people’s days. They do so with a combination of great business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for serving others,” said a spokeswoman for the company. This is part of the reason it’s so cheap to open a Chick-fil-A yourself.

The business is known for their welcoming employees, politeness, and impeccable customer service. This concept has become so well-loved by the public that the restaurant itself has become an Internet meme.

Many fast food chains overlook the importance of impeccable customer service, but it’s part of Chick-fil-A’s core values. Each employee will greet you with a smile, guide you through your order, and serve you with joy. And we can’t forget the best part: when you’ve finished paying, you say “thank you,” and they respond with the iconic “my pleasure.” Find out why Chick-fil-A employees say “my pleasure” in response to each and every customer.

Their enthusiasm for their job makes sense: most employees would probably be thrilled to work if their workplace was that highly ranked in all categories. We know where we’ll be spending our next lunch break!