WOW! These Chinese Scientists Have Successfully Teleported Matter Into Space

Beam me up, Shanghai.

sdecoret/ShutterstockPop culture has reflected humanity’s interest in teleportation in movies and video games, but the reality of it has always been, well, far from reality. However, research from a group of Chinese scientists may have found the key to teleportation, sans a Harry Potter-esque portkey.

The paper detailing the process was submitted on July 4th and explains how teleportation could be achieved. The sending would be done through quantum teleportation, which isn’t quite as simple as “object is placed in one place, the same object appears in different place.”

To understand the process completely, one must understand the concept of quantum entanglement. The nitty gritty of this particular experiment is as follows: the researchers had a set of particles on Earth and were able to transmit the information about the set of particles to a satellite in space. Once the information was successfully beamed, a replicated set of particles is created in space.

If you’re looking for a pop culture teleportation parallel to compare this to, think less of Star Trek, and more of The Prestige.  

The paper states that the real-world application aims at the moment is focused on strictly using the process for the transmission of information. 

The researchers had been attempting the process millions of times over the past month and managed to succeed over 900 times. Ideal numbers for scientific purposes, not quite so ideal for teleporting humans in one piece—you’ll just have to stick to going on one of these 10 extreme travel adventures in the world for now. 

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