Can You Find All 6 Festive Items Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

It's up to you to save Christmas!

Christmas is coming, and you know what that means: Santa Claus is gearing up for another all-nighter while his elves crank out the finishing touches on this year’s batch of toys. But all work and no play makes the elves get into some mischief. They’ve hidden some items in Santa’s workshop, and the big man in red needs help getting them back. If he can’t find them all by Christmas Eve, Christmas could be canceled!

This is where you come in: Jolly Old St. Nicholas will put you on the Nice list if you can help him gather up the items he’s looking for. Somewhere in his gift storage room, the elves have hidden a stocking, a toy soldier, Santa’s hat, a pie, a Christmas cracker, and a robin. Can you find them all?

Better work fast! The team at Attic Storage, who made this festive brainteaser, was able to find all six Christmas items in an average of just 3 minutes and 26 seconds. If you can find them faster, you might just find yourself with an extra-full stocking this year. Give it a go, then try your hand at 25 of the toughest riddles ever.

christmas-attic-self-storage-puzzleCourtesy Attic Self Storage

For Scrooges who aren’t in the spirit of finishing this puzzle yourselves, we’ve provided the answer below … but don’t peek until you’ve given it your all. Santa puts cheaters on the Naughty list. After you’ve finished, check out these optical illusions to test out your eyes!

christmas-attic-self-storage-puzzle-solutionCourtesy Attic Self Storage

How’d you fare? If you did well at this festive brainteaser, you’ll love these 19 brain teasers that will leave you stumped.

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