Christmas Ball and Candle Centerpiece

This quick, easy, and festive centerpiece is perfect for holiday tables.

This quick and easy-to-do arrangement looks particularly elegant on a silver tray, but any kind of tray — or even a shallow bowl — will do. If you can’t find clip-on candleholders, use regular candleholders held in place with a bit of Fun-Tak, a reusable adhesive putty available at crafts stores.

You Will Need
Round tray
Blue spruce sprigs
Dried pepper berry sprigs (available at crafts stores)
Large silver Christmas balls
Clip-on candleholders
Small no-drip white tapers

What to Do
Fill the tray with sprigs of blue spruce and pepper berries. Tuck the Christmas balls into the sprigs and berries. Attach small clip-on candleholders to spruce sprigs in a circle around the edge of the tray, and finish with small no-drip white tapers.

Cheap Christmas decorations like this are perfect for getting into the holiday spirit, and having fun while making it!

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